South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Too Soon To Say Goodbye

Hello Family and Friends,
It's crazy that last week I was saying hello to the wonderful MTC and on Tuesday I will be leaving! I have made lifelong friends here and it is so cool! I love all the people in my District and when you are a sister there are alot of tears and hugs. It was sad this week because district B left and it is so sad to walk by their room and not see them in there or giving us treats at night or just coming over to say hi! I love them so much and know that they are going to be amazing missionaries!! 
Speaking of which it is a sad goodbye but I cannot wait to see the things in store for me in South Carolina! I fly out on Tuesday so I will probably send out an email on a monday
I cannot wait for the things that the MTC has in store for us on thanksgiving. We have a huge devotional in the morning with an APOSTLE THAT MEANS WE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN TO HEAR 2 APOSTLES SPEAK BEFORE WE FLY OUT COOL!! And the choir which I am happuily in are singing Come Thou Fount , the mo-tab version! It is quite cool actually! Also I was chosen in my zone along with sister Kniffen to be a table leader for the Thanksgiving service projec,t which is so cool because we get to feed over 350,000 children and families in Utah! I can't wait to assume my leadership role tomorrow! It is a great way to get to know more people and we get to wear very attractive hairnets let me tell ya! It will be so so fun! So just stay tuned! 
Also one fun thing about us Sisters is we do this thing every night called community prayer where all the sisters in our room say a prayer and then we do like a group huddle filled with all sorts of love and such! it is quite fun GIRLS CAMP IS THE BEST! (we call our residence that) How fun! Sunday was also a very cool time because I was able to teach the district meeting on the book of mormon by myself scary! I felt really anxious about it and was kind of scared but during my lesson I only felt the love and the spirit! When we have fear our faith disappears thy cannot coexsist! So don't be fearful when you have the lord in your corner, he will put words in your heart and all we have to do is say them! look how much I am learning! a cool part about the lesson was the book of Mormon is our key stone and is the best way to conversion... BUT... Jesus Christ is our corner stone and we cannot have the fullness of the gospel or truth without both which is why the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ! After my lesson before sacrament started Brother Ivins (in the branch presidency) told me that my lessons was one of the BEST lessons he has heard in the MTC and that it was full of power and by the spirit. So needless to say, I was freaking out for nothing! I also was able to teach relief society on repentence with sister Sherman and after one of the newer sisters who is going to Canada told me on our temple walk that it was something that she needed to hear! SO AWESOME! ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT IT WILL TESTIFY OF TRUTH! It is so great to be here because we teach all of the time and it is so easy to feel the spirit even if you are role playing! One of our investigators Jessica even commited to Baptism! YAY! But that was on our last lesson with her sad! The spirit can also tell us what to say in order to help people open up to us! That happened with our investigator Kai, he was very cautious when we first started meeting but I shared a personal experience of when I thought God wasn't there and how I realized that the Lord doesnt always answer our prayers in the way or time that we want! after that he was very specific on the struggles he was having in his life so always listen to the spirit!! 
Sorry for the grammer we only get a little bit of time to email and I got a B in english so sorry and I hope you can all understand my fun stories. I love you all dearly and hope that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Make sure to tell everyone who you are grateful for that you are! 
Count your blessings also if you can read Alma 34: 32 I think it talks about living in Thanksgiving everyday. I hope thats the right reference! But oh Whale!
Love you all!!
Sister Lewis

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