South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Wedding and A Baptism!

Hey y'all 
This week is a story of how Sister Fox and I turned a Wedding into a Baptism as well!! So we have been planning for Brian and Peticia to get married for a while, so we buckled them down and decided that last Wednesday was the day! So Sister Fox and I decided we were going to set up the wedding and the Bishops wife would do food and the Bishop would marry them and as we were planning for the wedding.., The day of the wedding Sister Fox and I were talking about Peticia and how she was 39 weeks pregnant and what we needed to do before they are baptized. We looked at the teaching record and she only had 4 more small simple lessons that needed to be taught so i threw out the idea to have the Baptism last Saturday, well we got on our knees and prayed and sure enough we got our answer at the wedding when we asked them if they wanted to be baptized! So long story short, Sister Fox and I planned a baptism in 3 days and had the interview before baptism the night before, Which is crazy stressful and NEVER HAPPENS!! Its hard to even have a Baptism planned the week of! So we are definitely seeing miracles! Especially because the morning of Peticia was having Braxton Hicks contractions and she is due this Saturday!! Crazy Crazy! 
This week has just had me on a spiritual high. It is so amazing and I am pretty sure I haven't stopped beaming for like 3 days! But it's all good! 
We also got to do service with the surf side Elders and we literally raked leaves for 3 hours! Haha it was fun but I got a total of 3 slivers! I love doing service with the Elders because that is the only time that we pretty much see them and we have a super small district! We also got cupcakes from the Lady who we raked leaves for! 
Elder Edwards also made this comment which was hilarious! So I was laughing (or cackling as my madre would say) And Elder Edwards looks at me and says "Sister Lewis..., are you crying again?? " Because I literally cry all the time!! Not a bad cry but a good cry usually!! 
We also ends up going knocking around this refferal and this lady started talking to us through her window! The things that happen in the south, you would be surprised!!! Haha I love being a missionary!! 
Also during weekly planning we were talking about the Vereens, and how they haven't been to church! So we decided sadly we were going to do a Do or Drop lesson with them, this coming week! But on sunday we got a call after sacrament, it was Ronya asking if she could still come because she over slept!! So Ronya and Jemilla ended up making it to relief society! Which was an answer to my prayers! 
Sometimes Heavenly Father doesn't answer them right away but when we need them to keep going, or to not give up hope he is there! I promise that as y'all put your trust in our Heavenly Father he will deliver us out of our afflictions, He will help us, He is our Father and all he wants is for us to come to him. To do what he asks to do, not for his benefit but for ours! He sees our potential and He loves each and every one of us so much beyond comprehension! I promise that he is there and that he is just waiting to bless us if we only put our trust our faith and everything that we have in him! 
I say this in the name of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ Amen.

I love y'all and hope that y'all have an amazing week! Count your blessings! 
Sister Maigan Lewis 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Go Gamecocks!

Hey y'all another great week here in Myrtle Beach! I'd have to say one of the hardest things about  being in Myrtle Beach is there are so many people that come to visit because it is a vacation spot so sometimes there are tons of people and other times there is like 20 people! So that is kind of difficult when you are trying to get to know the members who are in like primary or young mens because we only get to see them in Sacrament Meeting! I also ended up picking a team! I am now a Game cock fan!!!! I am so excited!!!
We also had a really cool experience! So last week when we stayed with our Sister Training Leaders in Florence, I ended up marking a lot of my favorite scriptures in a Book of Mormon and my goal was to give it out and hopefully find a new investigator for them. But that didn't happen because I had to stay in with sister Conte. Not that I don't love her, I was just kind of bummed!! So last week we went knocking around a less active area to try and find her house, and we couldn't find it! Like her house was non existent! So we walked around knocking on all the white trailers that we saw. And we knock on one and Quincy, a 9 year old, opens up the door and we started talking to hims and he said he would be interested with his mom's permission. So we got his moms number and left ours. Well we went back a day later at night and his mom is there. And she gave him permission so I taught him about the Book of Mormon, out of the one that I marked which had been sitting in my bag all week! I ended up giving it to him and his mom thought that was a cool idea!! Then we go to teach him and his mom sat in with us and at first she had told us that she wash;t interested in joining a church. But after our lesson she said that she would be willing to be baptized with Quincy and that she is going to have her whole family take the lessons!!! Their Baptism is set for Feb 18th!! 
Also Brian and Peticia are getting married this Wednesday! And Ronya, Jamilla, Labrenda, and Delisha are still trying to make it to church!! Please pray for them and I testify that the spirit works in mysterious ways! In the name of Jesus Chreist Amen, 
I love y'all have a blessed week!! 

Sister Lewis 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Idaho Spud Bar

Hey y'all! 
Another great week in SC and we had a lot of things happen!! 
First Sister Fox and I started visitng former Investigators!! It was so fun because we found this guy who LOVED PHILOSOPHY, AND RELIGION!! He wasn't looking for the gospel any more and definitely wasn't prepared, but I still got to talk to him and make my Debate Heart so happy!!! To all of my debate friends.. Yes I talked to him about Deontology!! It was so great and he was very impressed that I LOVED philosophy in his words... " Most young people don't know about philosophy because it is the one degree that you can't do anything with!" Which is true but I still have a great love for it!!! 
Sister Fox and I also were able to have a double sleepover in Florence with our Sister Training Leaders! We had so many laughs it was just so much fun! We have Sister Conte from Hawaii and Sister Edstrom from Idaho. Funny story, so there we were eating dinner on Saturday night and Sister Edstrom was looking for something to make and she opened up their pantry and saw her Idaho Spudbar's so she grabs them out and brings them over to Sister Fox and I. She started telling us that they were CHOCOLATE COVERED POTATOES!! And so I was here thinking that the people from Idaho are CRAZY!!! SO, she hands me one and Sister Fox one and she tells us that they are what makes Idaho famous! So we carefully unwrap them and ..... They just look like potatoes it is actually chocolate and coconut with a mousse flavoring.. Funny Funny! 
We also played a church game that night called stupor of thought and that was really fun but I am kind of sad it beat out the game Clemsonopoly! (There are two big teams in SC that are rivals, the Clemsons, and the Gamecocks, Sister Edstrom is THE biggest Clemson fan!) It was funny and I am still trying to pick a team! So if y'all know anything about them then just let me know! 
Sister Fox and I also learned the name of the language here in SC, its called Ebonix!! So funny because we are teaching some people and they say things like Inscruptions, Descroy and Scrait. I am trying to pick up on that also on the southern accent!! 
Sister Fox and I also Love getting Buffalo Wild Wings so thats an interesting fact! We also got to go to a mission conference with Elder Gary E. Stephenson!! And if you remember... HE IS MY FAVORITE APOSTLE! One thing I took away was to always follow spiritual promptings immediately and to always Share my testimony! 
Keep praying for my investigators they need it! I love y'all and am praying fopr y'all! 
I leave you with my testimony! 
I promise that the Book of Mormon is true and only by that book can we come closer to Christ and know of the fullness of his doctrine! I promise that each and every page testifies of Jesus Christ whom we must follow in order to find eternal Joy! I also testify of the power it has if you read even just one verse a day you will never fall into temptation, you will be growing closer to christ and you will feel the spirit in your home more abundantly! I love being a missionary and the fact that I get to see people as God sees them! 
I say this in the name of the son Jesus Christ Amen! 
I love y'all 
Love Sister Maigan Lewis 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Woaha!! Another great week as a missionary! I love it here, and I love all the people that I meet. This week has been really eventful! First off, I hope y'all had a Happy New Year! Today is the first step of a new year. I think we should spend every day trying to be happier and more loving than the last. As a missionary, I am constantly changing and trying to be better; and I am also seeing other people change as well. Nothing brings greater joy to our Savior and Redeemer than us making goals and reaching them!

So the first story I have is when Sister Fox and I went knocking around a less active family that we have been teaching. We parked and I saw this colorful house with toys scattered everywhere, and I thought to myself, “Yes! Faith to Find a Family!", so we go up and knock on the door, and I was kind of off to the side, so Sister Fox started talking. Then the lady says "Oh! I have something for you guys!" She runs back inside and then we heard her husband cleaning up the yard, so we turned to him and asked if he wanted to hear a message about Jesus Christ. He then told us that they were Catholic and he then says "Oh no if anything we are going to try and convert you!" By this time his wife is back with a piece of paper which has Anti-mormon material on it! And then she starts bible bashing us, not even using the same version of the bible that we use! It was so funny! So we just testified of Christ, and after they told us that we were going to hell, we left them. Bless their hearts!! It was so scary, but funny. We laughed about it for the rest of the day.

Next we went to go knock around this referral we received, and we ran into this guy named Tim. We answered the door, and it was my turn to speak, mind you I am real awkward at this! So I asked him if we could share a message about Jesus Christ with him and he then responded with, "Well how long is your message?" And so me, being my awkward self said, "Uhhh I can do it in like 7 minutes" (that’s how long we do role play and practices for); and he goes "Sure b’u i'll be nice and give you 10 minuets! SO FUNNY!!! And the weird part is he let us in! That is really strange! People don’t tend to let us in! I am hoping we can catch him again and he could be a new investigator of ours. Please pray for him!!

Next, we officially scheduled a marriage for Brian and Peticia, and also set a baptismal date which is Febuary 11th. That is after her baby is due! Please pray for them! As well as the other investigators that we have!

So now we have 7 people with a baptismal date Jemilla, Ronya, Delisha, Labrenda, Ashley, Peticia, and Brian. They are all struggling with coming to church, so we are trying to motivate them! Please please pray for them that they may feel a desire to come to church!

I also got to have my first "Southern New Year Meal" They give you Kola (which is a type of nut)- for dollars, black eyed peas for pennies, pork, pasta, corn bread, and sweet potatoes. It was super good! But at first, I was a little skeptical! I love being able to try new things while being out here!
I also found a duper cool scripture, Alma 12:10. All of us on this Earth have done at least one thing right, and that was and is choosing the Plan of Salvation, or the plan of happiness. For that we will all be blessed. This scripture made me think of that! No matter what choices people make, they are children of God who loves them. One thing that we have to get excited about is the fact that we have a Savior who loves us. So think of what y'all can do to give something back to our Savior by showing kindness, going to church, studying the scriptures or even just setting a goal and accomplishing it!

Know I am proud of y'all and I love y'all!
Have a blessed week!!


Sister Lewis