South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Hello Family and Friends,

 I hope y'all are doing well and I hope life is good! I am excited for you to hear the accent I've come up with, Sister Graves says it is coming along nicely haha. I'm super excited to skype y'all ya Mother's Day! We are having so much fun! Sister graves and I have started doing this thing where we leave random weird treats from our apartment that we aren't going to eat on the Elders door who are our neighbors! Oh my goodness it is so hilarious! It keeps us having fun while enjoying the work! And I'm pretty sure they think that we are the strangest sisters because we leave things like grape otterpops, canned veggies, carrots & chocolate. One night they caught frogs and put them in a tupper wear container and left them on our door step! So funny! I about passed out we were laughing so hard! So there is your funny story for the week! Sorry for such a short email this week. Also, I would love it if family and friends would write me a letter that would be fun! (: 
Sister Lewis 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Transfer and Photos

Hello All,
I am so excited to tell you about my new companion and area!! I am in Summerville now so that is like 45 minuets from Charleston! I mean I have gotten the areas almost everybody wants to go to! Summerville is the cutest place and that is all I can pretty much do to describe it and there are trees everywhere I seriously feel like I'm camping the middle of a city! But you get the feels! 
Any how my companion is one of the girls in my district in the MTC which almost never
happens! Two greenies changing the world(; just kidding we keep getting lost! lol I am the driver and we have no GPS so we use this map app and it's quite difficult because it doesn't tell you the
address where you need to go ... only the street but we have been mananging to find places! My new companions name is Sister Graves and we get along so well! Seriously everyday is a party! Haha funny story a couple of days ago we decided that we were going to give pass along cards to people when we stopped next to them at stop lights, so we ended up doing that and sister graves rolls down her window and says... " hey do you want a picture of Jesus" oh my goodness I about died!!! But we ended up not giving it to them because they were lame!  I am having so much fun here! Sister Graves and I get along great! It's still pretty weird to even think that I am away from Myrtle Beach but I am having tons of fun here in Summerville! Last p-day we went to Charelston. But it is seriously so cool! I miss y'all like crazy but I am throwing myself into the work and it truly makes all the difference! And it is really fun being here and it is spring time meaning like 80 degree weather and the flowers are blooming! I wish you could see it here gorgeous! Sister Graves and I are also teaching 3 new people on is Zoie she is 13 and her dad isn't letting her get baptized but we are still working on that, then we have Tim who is about 40 ish and he has a lot of potential but a lot of people are sick lately so we haven't been able to see him, and last but not least we have Simao who has also been sick lately but he is 12 and it's almost a miracle we found him! I love all of the blessings I see in missionary work! It's truly is inspired! 
I hope y'all are doing good and loving the warmer weather coming!
I am having a blast as a missionary!!
Sister lewis