South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Summer

Hello Friends and family! 
I hope y'all have been having an amazing week and first week of summer!
This week has been an adventure and we have seen so many miracles! Because it was pouring rain yesterday, we started doing Sunday planning a little bit earlier, which made us put finding later on in the evening. Once it stopped raining, we were able to go out to a neighborhood and go finding, we ended up feeling prompted to knock on a certain door and the sweetest lady answered the door with three little girls. She ended up telling us that she was busy right then, and when we asked if we could stop by another time she gave us a time that would be best for her. A new potential investigator! In the past few weeks we haven't really met anyone that solid, They generally just don't want to talk to us! So that was pretty cool and her daughters seemed really interested as well which I love! I love teaching families the eternal truth that they can be together forever! I'm super excited to see what comes of that! It was also a miracle because we had knocked on that door a million times... well like four, but she answered the door this time. 
This week I have been pretty sick but it's given us sometime to do the little things to improve our missionary work. Like writing on media which is nice because it gives everyone we talk to an opportunity to repent and to come to church to learn more about the gospel right there! 
Another cool thing that happened this week is that we were able to meet a less active member who isn't in our records in the church. She ended up moving in with her daughter who is in our records, but is against the church. But she loves the missionaries, so we always go and stop by once a month to keep them tied to the church. We were able to meet Sister Marschall, who is on oxygen so she can't drive to church, but is a faithful member of the church. She is so cute and I'm super excited to work with her and help her be involved in the ward! 
We also found a new investigator this week who has read up to 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon, he actually received a Book of Mormon from a member in our Ward who told us we should pay him a visit. So we did and he told us he wanted to read a majority of the Book before we visited him again. We had our second appointment with him and he ended up just asking us questions and we answered his using the restoration to connect the two. By the time we were leaving he told us that the church is something worth investigating! So that was a super awesome experience! 
Today we also got to go out with a sweet lady in the Ward named sister Cook who is so cute! She took us to market street to get some sweets and to go get lunch and to see the Pineapple fountain. We were also able to meet a sweet lady and her grandson who gave all of us roses made from Sweet grasses, which are usually pretty expensive, but she just gave them to us! Sister Cook also told us in a couple weeks she is going to get with us and we are going to make cupcake tamales, which I am super excited for! 
One of the greatest things that we have as members of the church is that we all have the opportunity to be Christs hands on this earth! It is such a blessing for me to know that I am always helping uplift and edifying others. I know that this church is true and I know that our Savior lives and loves each of us. I know that as long as we all try our best, we will be blessed for our effort. We are not expected to be perfect as long as we try our best and give our best effort. I love each and everyone of you and I love this gospel. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I without a doubt in the world love being a missionary and being able to bear Jesus Christ sacred name. In the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ Amen 
Sister Maigan Lewis 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rainy Days

Hey Family and Friends!
This week has been pretty interesting needless to say! But we are
still pushing through! This week we basically either passed off our
investigators to different missionaries or we dropped them. So that
wasn't super fun! The pass of Lesson we had was with the Goose Creek
Elders with Baylie which was super sad because we really loved
teaching him! But we know that the elders there are awesome
missionaries and are going to help him better than we can! All of our
other investigators just keep cancelling appointments or not being
there when we show up. That's pretty hard,especially because you
really get close to the people that you are teaching!
This week has been pretty rough for me and Sister Allred, She
has been really sick so we have had to stay in for two days!
One of the days wewere able to go out, we had an appointment with a refferal and we were
super excited for it! We ended up driving to Ridgeville for this
appointment and we knock on the door.... no answer... we knock
again... and this time the ladies son answers the door and says "oh
no! Not you ladies again". It was pretty funny. We were talking to
this 5 year old for like 10 minutes and we asked him to go grab his
mom. He runs upstairs and comes back down and tells us his mom told
him to shut the door! So we asked if he told his mom who it was. He
looks around and says well..  no, so we had him go tell her and he
comes down and says "she still told me to shut the door!" So we gave
him a card to give to his mom. Long story short... if you have kids and you have weird missionaries
coming over for an appointment but you are going to pretend you are
not home, lock the door otherwise your children will open it and it
will be really awkward!
We had a huge rainstorm ths week as well on Tuesday and it literally rained all
day! But we still have to be missionaries, so we went knocking in and we knock on this door, (it is literally pouring at this point) and this guy
answers and says "man y'all are commited, if it were me I would
not be out in this storm, I mean we would let you in but we are about
to have dinner so.. good luck. Oh and we are baptist" and he shut the
door! Needless to say we got super drenched that day!
The one thing that I love about this work is the fact that the message
we bring is true, it may be hard, we may be around people who we don't
like, or put in an area where all we get are trials but the reason we
do it is because we love the Lord and this gospel! I know this church
is true and that we all are here to hasten the work never forget your
purpose is to help others come closer to Christ! I hope y'all have a
great week! Please let me know if y'all need anything! And keep me
posted on the things going on in your lives!
Sister Maigan Lewis

Summerville Update

Hello Family and Friends!
I have had another fantastic week here in Summerville! It is one of the best places to be as a missionary and is just beautiful!
This week we were able to see Mickey who is and Investigator that we have been teaching for a while now but he has a lot of health issues so it is super hard to teach him sometimes! But we figured out a way to get him to read his scriptures and that is to have him listen to them so he promised us that he would listen to his scriptures and start reading!
Sister Allred also decided since we had a meeting at the church that we were going to bike there but at the church we saw the Elders and they always make fun of the sisters that they see on bikes.. So Sister Allred and I decided to race the elders! Them in a car and us on bikes and because of our very nifty secret bike path we totally won and we made it to sonic in time for a member of our Bishopric to buy us shakes!
We also were able to go on exchanges this week with our Sister Training Leaders which was so much fun especially I got to see so many miracles take place in my own area! We were able to set up quite a bit of appointments for next week and I learned so much about the power of prayer and that when you truly are in a pickle all that you have to do is get on your knees and your father in  Heaven is going to help you out because he loves each of us so dearly!
I love y'all so much and hope that you have such a great day!
Sister Lewis