South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hello Family and Friends,
Today we went to Charleston with our Sister
Training Leaders! So that was super fun, especially because Charleston
flooded today with the rain! 
Things with Sister graves are going good except I'm gonna be
honest she is too caring of a person! (; So things are great,
she has the exact personality of Shaeley so it's awesome to have her
This week we found a couple more investigators 2 to be exact and they
are super cute, we also wanted to put Trinity and Stephen on date but
their grandma didn't want us doing that until they fully understand
what baptism is, We also have been doing a lot of the same thing,
knocking on the doors of people who regret opening the door once they
open it and see us so... that's about it.
I'm gonna be honest I never thought a mission would be this hard emotionally and physically! 
But its definitely worth it. 
Anywho I love y'all tons!
Sister Lewis

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