South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rainy Days

Hey Family and Friends!
This week has been pretty interesting needless to say! But we are
still pushing through! This week we basically either passed off our
investigators to different missionaries or we dropped them. So that
wasn't super fun! The pass of Lesson we had was with the Goose Creek
Elders with Baylie which was super sad because we really loved
teaching him! But we know that the elders there are awesome
missionaries and are going to help him better than we can! All of our
other investigators just keep cancelling appointments or not being
there when we show up. That's pretty hard,especially because you
really get close to the people that you are teaching!
This week has been pretty rough for me and Sister Allred, She
has been really sick so we have had to stay in for two days!
One of the days wewere able to go out, we had an appointment with a refferal and we were
super excited for it! We ended up driving to Ridgeville for this
appointment and we knock on the door.... no answer... we knock
again... and this time the ladies son answers the door and says "oh
no! Not you ladies again". It was pretty funny. We were talking to
this 5 year old for like 10 minutes and we asked him to go grab his
mom. He runs upstairs and comes back down and tells us his mom told
him to shut the door! So we asked if he told his mom who it was. He
looks around and says well..  no, so we had him go tell her and he
comes down and says "she still told me to shut the door!" So we gave
him a card to give to his mom. Long story short... if you have kids and you have weird missionaries
coming over for an appointment but you are going to pretend you are
not home, lock the door otherwise your children will open it and it
will be really awkward!
We had a huge rainstorm ths week as well on Tuesday and it literally rained all
day! But we still have to be missionaries, so we went knocking in and we knock on this door, (it is literally pouring at this point) and this guy
answers and says "man y'all are commited, if it were me I would
not be out in this storm, I mean we would let you in but we are about
to have dinner so.. good luck. Oh and we are baptist" and he shut the
door! Needless to say we got super drenched that day!
The one thing that I love about this work is the fact that the message
we bring is true, it may be hard, we may be around people who we don't
like, or put in an area where all we get are trials but the reason we
do it is because we love the Lord and this gospel! I know this church
is true and that we all are here to hasten the work never forget your
purpose is to help others come closer to Christ! I hope y'all have a
great week! Please let me know if y'all need anything! And keep me
posted on the things going on in your lives!
Sister Maigan Lewis

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