South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Hello! Friends and family!
If you read the title of my blog, you will be happy to know that today is my half way mark on my mission! It is so crazy to think of just how much I have changed and all the people that I have helped grow! I am so excited to see where these next 9 months take me! 
A funny story, yesterday Sister Allred and I went to young women's and one of the leaders, Sister Baughman, was describing different levels of casual to the girls who were going on the youth conference trip up to Palmyra (I'm only a little jealous ;)) and she said that comfy casual is what you wear to Walmart but spiffy casual is what you wear to target. So today we decided to wear spiffy casual at target (jeans)! 
This week has been such a great week in the mission field! Oh my goodness we have seen so many tender mercies and so many miracles this week it is crazy! So like I said a couple of emails ago, we have been working with the ward to give us more refferals. From that we were able to meet a girl named Courtney. She is so awesome and is actually from Arizona like sister Allred which is awesome! But anyway, after working with the Schertz family on getting a refferal from them, we ended up getting them to set up a dinner appointment with us and Courtney right when Sister Allred first came to the area. She loved the message we shared with them! Ever since then she has come to two of our Ward game nights and even took us to the baseball game (where our stake president threw the first pitch). She always sits around and talks to Sister Schertz a little bit about our beliefs and this time after game night she actually asked if she could meet with us and have dinner at her house so we could teach her about life after death (Plan of Salvation). So I am super excited for that and we have it set up to where our member, Sister Schertz is going to come with us who is actually a convert herself! We also were able to meet this week with Brooks West and he has been meeting with us about every two weeks for a month now which normally I wouldn't like that too much (I still don't) but he told us this week during our appointment that he was really sincerely interested in becoming a member of our church. Generally in his appointments we can't teach him a lesson because he just asks us a ton of questions. But we set the expectation for next lesson to teach him about the restoration of the gospel. These two investigators are super solid and we are hoping to put them on date for their next lessons! Right now in the area we have had a hard time finding super solid people on our own but with Member refferals we have been finding people who are so ready for the gospel, which has just boosted my testimony so much of member missionary work! It truly makes the difference and we have gotten so close to our members that way which is just awesome! 
We also were able to go on Exchanges this week and we both were in our area which was super fun. But this past week Sister Allred has been down for the count. I felt like during exchanges that I was back into the swing of things! It was so much fun to go out in my area with Sister Fowkes and we found a guy who told us that we could come back anytime (right then he was busy) and we also were able to nail down a less active to stay at church for 3 hours in two weeks because she always leaves for the third hour! So that was a lot of fun! I also felt like I was able to just do the lords work and it is a work I have grown to love. I love being a missionary and helping other people come closer to our savior and I just love sharing that with those around me. I have such a passion and desire to be obedient and to help others do the same to come completely converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ! 
Recently I have been pondering scripture study and I have realized just how much it can change our lives. I remember before my mission I wasn't able to read my scriptures everyday, or even say my prayers but I have been trying my hardest to Study Giligently, Pray Earnestly, and to Serve Willingly. Those three concepts have truly changed my life. I am so grateful to know that I will always work toward being converted to the gospel because of how much joy it has brought me on my mission even in my lowest of lows it has helped me receive strength I needed. And to truly rely on my savior. I love this gospel with my whole heart and I am so grateful that the Lord has trusted me to be an instrument in his hands! 
It has been such a good week! A hard week. but a good week and I have definitely been strengthened by the Lord! 
I leave this with y'all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen 
Sister Lewis 

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