South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gold Christmas Trees

Hey Y'all 
I love being here in S.C. especially around Christmas time! It is finally getting cold here, but it's a huge change from Utah where there is snow... and you freeze your bunz off pretty much from October till March. Here, there is no snow and most of the leaves are FINALLY falling to the ground. We also get a lot of rain! Although I am going to miss the snow for Christmas, I love the fact that we get to go to the beach! 
Last week Sister Fox and I got to attend the ward Christmas party which came with a hot chocolate bar, a talent show, and yes, pictures with Santa! Our progressing investigator Peticia, her boyfriend, and their two kids came to the Christmas party, which was nice because we hardly see Brian because he works all the time! Peticia wanted to participate in the Christmas talent show, so Sister Fox and I got to sing Jungle Bells with her. It was so much fun!! The whole ward got so excited and even joined in the fun! 
I am loving all of the experiences that we have been able to have here at Myrtle Beach. The people here are just so warm, humble, loving and just kind. The people here feel like they are being rude if they don't let you into their house when we knock on their door. They also love to talk about Jesus Christ, which is awesome for us as missionaries. 
Christmas time is the best time to be a missionary, especially in S.C. We, as a district, got to make up Christmas skits. Our district has Elder Berry, who went to Tuacon High, and is basically a director. It is going to be so funny! It is called: "How Elder Green-ch Stalled Christmas!" In our district we have our District Leader who is from Texas, Elder Evans, Elder Green, Elder Berry, Elder Edwards, me and Sister Fox! Our district is very small but we get to do a lot of service projects with the Elders. It is a fun way to get to know them. Two of the Elders LOVE TO SWING DANCE! How cool! They are just so funny and so great. It's weird being the newbie because they don't know me very well yet, but it is still super fun!  As a part of our skit Elder Green throws Christmas cookies in the ocean which gave me the excuse to go to Myrtle Beach! It is so pretty there. We are allowed to go anytime that we have personal time. Last week when we went and took a ton of pictures and we were able to find full shells on the beach. We are also going today with the Conway Sisters in our Zone, Sister Kniffen and Sister Jensen. 
If you get the chance, look up 1 Nephi: 17:13 and 2 Nephi Chapter 16. There are some great verses that I read in personal study. 
I would love to recieve postcards or some letters from everyone. 
Sister Fox and I have been trying to find a tree for Christmas. One night we decided to be creative and drew one on a white bored. Then when we went over to the Stalveys to help set up their tree, and low and behold they had an extra little gold christmas tree and decorations for us to use. So we now have the cutest little gold christmas tree you ever did see! 
We also have had a great opportunity to sing for a members husband who is in the hospital. It was an amazing experience how two songs can bring the spirit with them! I also got the opportunity to invite the sweetest lady to be baptized, and she said yes! Sister Fox and I are doing great here in Myrtle Beach! I can't wait to see what Myrtle Beach has instore for me! 
Y'all better be excited for next week to recieve me and my companions Christmas card! 

I love you all!
Sister Lewis!

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