South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Monday, December 5, 2016

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

It"s Sistah Lewis from SC!!! Oh my goodness gracious! So much has happened this week, it is so crazy! So first and foremost, I loved being at the MTC! It was so great, and having Thanksgiving there was wonderful! We were able to start off the day hearing from Elder Neil L. Anderson. He had his grandkids also make us a Thanksgiving card that we all got copies of. It was so so so cute! I loved hearing him talk and it is amazing how full of love our Prophet and His Apostles have for us missionaries, members of the church, non-members, and basically everyone! They are the truest examples of Charity, which is the Christ like attribute I am trying to improve on! I also got to shake his hand because my district got to Choir practice early, so that was pretty cool! After that I had to go and help set up for a service project for all of the Missionaries. My Branch president gave me the opportunity to be a leader in the service project that we did. It was so much fun! We ended up packaging meals for the families in Utah who don't have enough to eat. We created 359,000 meals. I can't even express how grateful I am that I was able to be a part of the service project and make it happen. I encourage all of you to look on for the campaign they are doing through December called "Light The World". It gives you 25 days worth of things that you can do in order to help spread Love, kindness, and joy through this holiday season! 
I LOVE being a missionary! Now I am going to get to the good stuff! We left the MTC at 3:30 in the morning! We all got maybe 2 hours of sleep! Anywho, we were able to travel to the Airport and stayed pretty much as a district until we got to Atlanta. It was a miracle that us sisters made it to SC because we had to go from teminal A to terminal F in like 15 minutes and the Atlanta Airport is HUGE!!! We had to take a train to the terminal. It was sad to tell the Elders in our district goodbye, but I am excited to hear about the fun adventures that they are going to have while in Alabama. We ended up making it to the Columbia Airport, which, might I add, has only one plane; so it was super easy to find our belongings!! 
Sister Sherman and I were able to ride with the President and his wife to the mission home which was fun because they were able to give us all sorts of advice. Once we got to the mission home, we all got to take an hour nap before dinner. We had homemade Costa Vida which I love with all of my heart and soul!! It was soooo good!!! We also got to be interviewed by the President and then we went to bed early so that we wouldn't be as tired in the morning. 
The second day in SC was so much fun because we got to go to the stake center where we do transfers. We got to meet the mission office staff who are so sweet and nice. Then the time came to leave my dear sisters and companion. Now for the fun stuff!!!! MY FIRST AREA IS ................. MYRTLE BEACH!!!!!!!!! AND MY COMPANION IS SISTER FOX!! She is so awesome and goes home in 3 transfers whattttttttt???? She is from Kaysville Utah, and she is so funny. We have so much fun and take the BEST PICTURES! She is also a good singer. We have been asked to sing twice and it has only been four days since I arrived. 
One of the members, Sister Devincents, took us to Myrtle Beach. Her son went to the temple during our meeting because it is so far away. So we were able to go to the Temple and pick him up. I have never seen a temple so small in my life!!!! It is tiny!! Especially compared to the ones we have in Utah! It was cool that we were able to see it, because that almost never happens!! 
We also had the opportunity to teach two less active families,who both came to church on Sunday! My companion and I had so many people at church on Sunday we had to "sic" the Elders to people haha! I love being a missionary! 
We have been teaching a couple, Patecia and Brian, who want to be baptised. The problem is they have to get married first. We haven't been able to set a date because we need to get Patecia's birth certificate before they can get married. We just found out that we can order it online, so we are planning on a Christmas wedding and a New Years baptism! So many fun things! 
We have another investigator who is 17, her name is Ashley. It is so neat that she took it upon herself to learn about the gospel! She is awesome and we can't wait to set a date for her baptism.
Yesterday we contacted a referral who sent us to one of her neighbors who she thought would want to hear about the gospel. She is 92 years old and has the humblest of hearts. She had on a sweater that said "too blessed to be stressed". She was so cute and she let us read the Book of Mormon to her. We didn't leave her a copy because she can't see to read it. We also said a prayer with her! 
The people here are so kind and nice! I love being a missionary!
Sister Lewis 
Find ways to spread the light of Christ this Christmas Season!

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