South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Monday, January 9, 2017

Idaho Spud Bar

Hey y'all! 
Another great week in SC and we had a lot of things happen!! 
First Sister Fox and I started visitng former Investigators!! It was so fun because we found this guy who LOVED PHILOSOPHY, AND RELIGION!! He wasn't looking for the gospel any more and definitely wasn't prepared, but I still got to talk to him and make my Debate Heart so happy!!! To all of my debate friends.. Yes I talked to him about Deontology!! It was so great and he was very impressed that I LOVED philosophy in his words... " Most young people don't know about philosophy because it is the one degree that you can't do anything with!" Which is true but I still have a great love for it!!! 
Sister Fox and I also were able to have a double sleepover in Florence with our Sister Training Leaders! We had so many laughs it was just so much fun! We have Sister Conte from Hawaii and Sister Edstrom from Idaho. Funny story, so there we were eating dinner on Saturday night and Sister Edstrom was looking for something to make and she opened up their pantry and saw her Idaho Spudbar's so she grabs them out and brings them over to Sister Fox and I. She started telling us that they were CHOCOLATE COVERED POTATOES!! And so I was here thinking that the people from Idaho are CRAZY!!! SO, she hands me one and Sister Fox one and she tells us that they are what makes Idaho famous! So we carefully unwrap them and ..... They just look like potatoes it is actually chocolate and coconut with a mousse flavoring.. Funny Funny! 
We also played a church game that night called stupor of thought and that was really fun but I am kind of sad it beat out the game Clemsonopoly! (There are two big teams in SC that are rivals, the Clemsons, and the Gamecocks, Sister Edstrom is THE biggest Clemson fan!) It was funny and I am still trying to pick a team! So if y'all know anything about them then just let me know! 
Sister Fox and I also learned the name of the language here in SC, its called Ebonix!! So funny because we are teaching some people and they say things like Inscruptions, Descroy and Scrait. I am trying to pick up on that also on the southern accent!! 
Sister Fox and I also Love getting Buffalo Wild Wings so thats an interesting fact! We also got to go to a mission conference with Elder Gary E. Stephenson!! And if you remember... HE IS MY FAVORITE APOSTLE! One thing I took away was to always follow spiritual promptings immediately and to always Share my testimony! 
Keep praying for my investigators they need it! I love y'all and am praying fopr y'all! 
I leave you with my testimony! 
I promise that the Book of Mormon is true and only by that book can we come closer to Christ and know of the fullness of his doctrine! I promise that each and every page testifies of Jesus Christ whom we must follow in order to find eternal Joy! I also testify of the power it has if you read even just one verse a day you will never fall into temptation, you will be growing closer to christ and you will feel the spirit in your home more abundantly! I love being a missionary and the fact that I get to see people as God sees them! 
I say this in the name of the son Jesus Christ Amen! 
I love y'all 
Love Sister Maigan Lewis 

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