South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Go Gamecocks!

Hey y'all another great week here in Myrtle Beach! I'd have to say one of the hardest things about  being in Myrtle Beach is there are so many people that come to visit because it is a vacation spot so sometimes there are tons of people and other times there is like 20 people! So that is kind of difficult when you are trying to get to know the members who are in like primary or young mens because we only get to see them in Sacrament Meeting! I also ended up picking a team! I am now a Game cock fan!!!! I am so excited!!!
We also had a really cool experience! So last week when we stayed with our Sister Training Leaders in Florence, I ended up marking a lot of my favorite scriptures in a Book of Mormon and my goal was to give it out and hopefully find a new investigator for them. But that didn't happen because I had to stay in with sister Conte. Not that I don't love her, I was just kind of bummed!! So last week we went knocking around a less active area to try and find her house, and we couldn't find it! Like her house was non existent! So we walked around knocking on all the white trailers that we saw. And we knock on one and Quincy, a 9 year old, opens up the door and we started talking to hims and he said he would be interested with his mom's permission. So we got his moms number and left ours. Well we went back a day later at night and his mom is there. And she gave him permission so I taught him about the Book of Mormon, out of the one that I marked which had been sitting in my bag all week! I ended up giving it to him and his mom thought that was a cool idea!! Then we go to teach him and his mom sat in with us and at first she had told us that she wash;t interested in joining a church. But after our lesson she said that she would be willing to be baptized with Quincy and that she is going to have her whole family take the lessons!!! Their Baptism is set for Feb 18th!! 
Also Brian and Peticia are getting married this Wednesday! And Ronya, Jamilla, Labrenda, and Delisha are still trying to make it to church!! Please pray for them and I testify that the spirit works in mysterious ways! In the name of Jesus Chreist Amen, 
I love y'all have a blessed week!! 

Sister Lewis 

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