South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fish are friends not food

Hey y'all!
Sorry for the late email but me and sister fox got to go to the
aquarium and be prepared for tons of pictures, because we took tons!
Last week when we went to the beach with the Conway sisters and our
STL's, It was a blast! High lights of the week included a lot of
trying to find people. Funny story we went to a less active
members address to try and find them and they literally picked up
their house (trailer) and moved, there was an old shed and a broken
car where it said they lived, So i guess that's new! Sister fox and I
also caught a lizard, and were able to touch a shark and a jelly fish!
Other than that we are kind of in a teaching famine but the work is
progressing, I truly love this gospel and I testify to y'all that it
is true! And that the only way to find pure exceeding joy is to open
up the Book of Mormon and to live by what it says to follow our savior
Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is so remarkable and I am convinced
that it is the only book that can bring us pure joy in this life and
eternity! We are talking about salvation people! I love the gospel and
know without a shadow of a doubt that Joseph Smith restored the only
true church on the earth today! I testify of our savior he loves you
knows you by name and by circumstance and I know you will find joy by
following him!
In the name of our lord and savior who has given me everything and more
I love y'all bunches
Have a blessed week
Sister Maigan Lewis

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