South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Chinese New year!

Hello Family and friends,
This week has been crazy and the miracles have not ceased! Being a missionary is the greatest thing in the world and I love it! 
So,  to start off with this week Sister Fox and I got to go see Quincy. When we went to his house his mom told us that this would probably be the last time that we get to see him, which was a bummer, but when we told Quincy that he started crying. We then asked his mom to help us understand what is going on. She told us that her life has been very very hectic, and they are going through a lot of family issues. I think we really helped ease her burdens a little bit. She ended up allowing us come back over in a week, so that she has time to talk to her family and to help them. We will be going back on Tuesday to visit, and we are really excited! This is truly a miracle, she was dead set on us not coming back. The spirit can do amazing things! 
Next we had a conference this week in North Charelston and on the way there the member that we had taking us got lost because our GPS died in the car! We ended up getting there like 15 minutes late but we still made it! That was miracle #2 
We were able to go to dinner with some of the members and a less active member this week. The less ative member is coming back to church and when we went over to their house their little boy kept yelling "THE PROPHETS ARE COMING THE PROPHETS ARE COMING." So we looked at Brother Benson and he just shrugged his sholdures and said... "It's too cute to correct him" So that was the high light of the week. 
Another highlight was PETICIA FINALLY HAVING HER BABY!!! We got to go visit her in the hospital and see him and he is just the cutest thing!! He looks like a 5 month old so there's that! THAT WAS DEFINITLEY A MIRACLE! Especially because their little family is just the best! I wish all of you could feel the love that I have for them! I think by now Sister Fox and I are a part of the family! According to their daughter Briana, I am Ana and Sister Fox is Elsa. 
We ended up having to change our lisence plate and we didn't have a screw driver, so yesterday we went to this house to see if a member of the ward lived there. And this guy pulls up in his truck so we walked over to see if he knew who we were looking for. He didn't but he did have a screwdriver, so we as missionaries politely asked/ stated "Hey.. Do you have a screw driver... you look like a guy with a screw driver?" And he looking confused said "yes.... what kind do you need?" Any way long story short that is the story about how a random guy was nice enough to change our lisence plate for us.., Also HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!
I know the gospel is true I encourage all of you to learn it, live it, and proclaim it! 
Have a Blessed week 
I Love you all!
Sister Lewis 

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