South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Monday, May 15, 2017

6 Months out

Hello Friends and Family!
Sorry for the lack of a group email but we have had some interesting
P-days! So I haven't had much time to email. But the work here in
Summerville is going super great! It is so strange that I am 6
months out! I am going to be honest there have been so many ups and
downs but missionary work is the absolute greatest and it flies by so
quickly. I can't even believe that I am 6 months out and only have a
year left!
Anyhow this week we have seen Trinity and Stephen just about everyday
to prepare them for their baptism this weekend. They are so excited
it's the funniest thing because they haven't missed a Sunday in a
month but they think that church is sometimes boring but they have
such a desire to be baptized it is crazy! They also passed their
Baptisimal interview, so this weekend we will have them baptized and
confirmed as well! It was also really funny because we have been
trying to find them super simple ways to teach the commandments so we
taught tithing using goldfish which was really funny because everytime
they think of tithing they think if goldfish which made the Elders who
did their Baptisimal interview laugh super hard!
Last Monday we also were able to go on a super fun road trip through
Mt. Pleasant to the beach to see Isle of the Palms and also to see
Sullivan's island which was so much fun! It is so beautiful out here
in South Carolina! And there is so much history! I also have missed
being at the beach because it was so much fun serving in Myrtle Beach!
And be prepared because I'll be sending pictures!
We also found this guy named Everette who was so sweet so we started
teaching him and when we went over on Wednesday we were planning on
putting him on date for baptism but he ended up telling us that he
wanted to drop us and become Buddhist instead, so that was interesting!
Another funny thing that happened today was when we went grocery
shopping there was this lady who yelled at us that "it isn't about
religion, we just need a relationship with Jesus" ..... that's what
you get when you serve in the south!
We also were bored one night this week so Sister Graves and I decided
to watch finding faith in Christ and build a fort in our living room!
So that was super fun and exciting!
I also just want to bear my testimony that sometimes we all go through
tough things but these trials we face help us grow and become stronger
I promise if you have faith to keep enduring you will be blessed with
the strength equal to your tasks if you only put your faith in our
beloved Savior Jesus Christ, he is the way back and it is only through
him that we can become perfected and live with our families for
eternity! I love y'all lots and say this in the name of Jesus Christ
I also hope all of y'all are super good to your mothers on Mother's
Day because they do so much for us! And for all the mothers especially
my mom I want to say thank you for all that you do you will never know
just how much you truly bless the lives of those around you! Happy
Mother's Day!
Sister Lewis

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