South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Monday, May 22, 2017

May Transfers

Hello family and friends!
First of all I feel super terrible because I send about a million
pictures every week but I feel as though I am super terrible at
emailing a group email every week. But don't worry I will repent and
try to be better! Promise!
This week has been full of adventures as it always is
when you are a missionary. We actually had transfers this week, so we were able to see a lot of
members to say goodbye because Sister Graves got transferred. We were 
super sad but I am super excited to hear all the great things that she
is doing in her next area! But I had to say goodbye to my lovely Sister Graves and that
was a sad day! I know I'm going to miss how close we were able to get
to each other! But I am super excited for the new adventures I am
going to have with my new Companion Sister Allred! She is so awesome I
love her so much already! She has been here a year and she is from
Arizona! She loved to play basketball and her favorite color is camo!
I am super excited to be with her for this next transfer!
We didn't do much the day she got here but we were able to see Mickey
and explain to him a little bit more about church and why it is so
important we go and he committed to come to church. We also got to see two new investigators that we found a while ago, Sandy and John Franklin! They are so sweet
and are the definition of South Carolina Grandparents! We were able to
teach them the restoration and they accepted that and told us that
they were going to read the Book of Mormon before our next visit! We
actually are going to see them and are going to extend the
invitation to be baptized! I am so excited! 
Anyhow I love y'all lots and hope your having a great week
and will continue to remember the savior! I have been Studying a few
verses lately about how the Holy Ghost isn't just used to help members
of the church but to help everyone around us! I would encourage y'all
to continue to follow the Holy Spirit daily!
Sister Lewis

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