South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Monday, August 28, 2017

E.T. Go Home

Lol! I've always wanted to say that! But alas, it is true. For those
of you who don't know,  I am being sent home to have surgery.
I have had troubles with my kidneys most of my life. While on my mission, I was able to see a doctor who 
figured out what was wrong. Fortunately it can be fixed, but will require surgery.
My Mission President decided I should come home and have the surgery.
 Long story short I will be flying home on Sepetember 5th. My surgery will be on September 7th. 
So I will be seeing y'all shortly!
Well, this week has been such an adventure! First off we did
FHE with the Hantlas and that was so much fun! We ended up playing
Farkle which is quite hard to do while small children keep trying to
climb on your lap, but  if you can't control it enjoy it - President
Turner. Anywho afterward we ended up making stove top smores which was
a good idea until I got distracted and caught mine on fire... several
times... you would think coming from Utah I would be able to make
s'mores by now but oh whale 🐳!
We had DDM with our Zone Leaders so we had a good 14
missionaries there which was fun until an elder decided it would be a
good idea to try and break open a water melon with his head...
Elders... which was funny because he not only did it once but did it 3
times to see if he could break it open. His only response after Ward
was "it didn't hurt, my vision just went blurry for a second" ...
again I say Elders... but don't worry all is well with his brain and
the watermelon!
We got a call from our Sister Training Leaders, Sister
Flinders and Sister Fowkes who ended up telling us that we
would become a 3- pack with Sister Davis! Who interestingly enough was
Sister Nordbys last companion... whoops... she also is from South
Jordan Utah and came out on the mission with me so we are all about 9
months out! She is so sweet and so amazing at singing so we decided
that we would do a musical number in church. After that crazy news we
ended up going to a dinner appointment with a little girl named Marly,
the elders have been helping her mom return to Activity and her
boyfriend join the church. But Christy (Marlys mom) wanted us to teach
Marly because boys are weird and gross. I don't disagree . Sorry
Elders. Anywho so we ended up teaching her the Plan of Salvation again
because I have cute little figure (shout out to Rachel) and the Elders
messed it up last time and confused Marly. After we ended the lesson
the Elders stopped by to teach Adam and Christy proceeded to make the
Elders and Adam sit down and have us reteach the Plan of Salvation to
them... I don't know maybe the Elders need help??? But that was really
fun. I love their family so much! 
We saw the kids, Trinity and Stephen who were so sad when I told them that I
would be leaving soon. But they are still doing so good with reading 
their scriptures and are still so excited to come to church! We were also able to see 
Brooks West who has actually finished reading
the Book of Mormon which was super cool! He ended up telling us before
he comes to church he wants to talk to someone who converted to our
church and had some words of wisdom problems so that he can create a
support system for when he starts to quit his bad habits which we are
more than excited for! He ended up telling us the whole story of why
he wants to join the church and I was able to get a picture with him
before I left which was awesome!
Then fast forward to when we did our musical number. We
ended up singing come unto Christ and Sister Nordby played the piano
and there was not a dry eye in the congregation. It was so amazing and
I truly felt our Saviors love so strongly in the chapel! We then were
invited over to a Sister in the wards home for lunch and she had
us sing it to her family and we were also asked if we could do it for Christys family. 
It was an amazing experience because I know
they felt the spirit from the words we sang! We also were able to
visit a couple members so that I can start saying goodbye to a ward
which I have truly grow to love. They have helped change me into the
missionary that I am now and more specifically the person I am. I know
with out a shadow of a doubt that I have been able to touch their
lives as well because of the things they tell me when I visit with
them and the love that they have shown me!
Anyway I love y'all and if you need anything just let me know! I will
see y'all soon (:
Sister Lewis

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