South Carolina Columbia Mission

South Carolina Columbia Mission

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hey friends and family!
I hope all is well! It's crazy to think that
some of y'all are going to be starting school here pretty fast! It's
so crazy how fast time flies!
Our week has been pretty hectic because Sister Allred got
transferred and I now have a new companion! Her name is Sister Nordby
and she is from Priest River Idaho! She likes to go shooting, show
animals and go for long rides in the woods! And I just love her
already! We have just had so much fun these past few days introducing
her to the area and everything.
Last Week, Sister Allred and I saw a whole bunch of members before she
left. One of them was our Bestie Sister Cook! She ended up telling
us that she is ready to go to the temple and that she needs our help
to be able to accomplish that! So Sister Nordby and I have decided that we are going to
come over every Monday so that we can teach her the lessons to help
her prepare! We are also going to help her in reading the whole Book
of Mormon!  I am so excited for her that she has the strong
desire to go to the temple! Not only to go to the temple, but also prepare for the
I am so excited, this transfer is going to be so great!
After Sister Nordby got here we helped her settle in for a little bit. We had a great discussion, and 
set some companion goals to be exactly obedient, and work hard. We also want to have fun
as well.  I feel like I am starting fresh with this area and I
can't wait! So far we haven't found anybody too promising but
we have set some goals and are trying to get a fire started in this
We were able to see Stephen and Trinity again! They are amazing! 
They just take a hold of the gospel and the things they have learned and they are 
continually progressing because they have a desire that is so strong. 
This week has been just a great week and I am so excited for this
fresh start. After you've been in an area for so long it gets hard but
I know that Sister Nordby and I are just going to do great things together and
I am so grateful for that!
I would ask that y'all keep Brooks West and Courtney in your prayers!
And to always think of others! We had such a spiritual experience the
other day in the home of a member who just had a miscarriage and we
talked about how even in our darkest hours, if we serve others our burdens
may become lighter! I am grateful for your love and support! If there
is anything I can do for you please let me know!
Sister Lewis

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